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Jul 28 18:46:14 EST 2000 Ok, fixed numerous bugs. Some I was too ashamed(but not my fault) to mention, and some I don't have the energy to. Updating 3 files with changes drains my power. Grab the new version here, we're up to 0.2.0 now.
Wed Jul 12 21:56:29 EST 2000 I got a submission from Shae Erisson, so I decided to make a new release(now version 0.1.0) with what he gave me and a nice icon from Layne. Here's a pimpin screenshot. Grab the new version here.
Sun Jul 2 21:59:37 EST 2000
A complete rewrite!! For you!! Download here. Email all of the (theoreticly)numerous bugs/patches to jeremiah@widomaker.com. Have fun!!

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email me. Please email me!! If you like the Pimp3 I would like to know that, and if you have any suggestions to make it better those are welcome too.
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